Friday, June 17, 2005

Making it all seem real

I did my RJ chat and everyone was so nice but it was exhausting. I never knew what might pop in the inbox next and then I wanted to say something different to everyone -- plus trying to sound witty, profound and not misspelling/mistyping words as is my wont. I am hoping some people I actually know from other boards win TLS but there again, I assume that most peple who entered want to read it.

My mother phoned today. She has read it and liked it. And more importnatly stayed up too late reading it. After I had scraped my jaw off the ground, I was very pleased. For a long time my mother did not approve my romance book reading...

I also had a brilliant email from my editor and she phoned as well. Unlike Hale, HM&B do seem to keep in touch. Although it is nice to have something in writing now for when the crows of doubt start to perch on my shoulder. I have a list of revision points that I have to do by the 27th. They look easy enough.You'd have thought that I'd have remembered that people can't hiss words if there is no s.

I also have to fill out an art form -- old version. The NEXT book I get to use the computer HERS system.

And I tried to figure out how many free books I would need -- extra. to the 12 they give you. I do want to run a few contests and Dorine at RJ has helpfully said that she will arrange a book review.


Anonymous said...

12 isn't a lot of books, is it? How many extras did you ask for? Good idea with the contest!

Michelle Styles said...

My editor helpfully suggested 25 paperback plus the 6 free hardbacks. You also get 2 copies of every overseas edition.

Anonymous said...

Wow. ::thunk:: That is a LOT of books. Can't wait to buy my own copy. I love the Roman era.

Michelle Styles said...

A H/Sil author has to supply her own books for reivews and competitions. The number of books is so I can enter the RITAs (no harm in thinking big), send off two books to be reivewed, and run a contest or two.

Some publishers like Hale supply ALL review copies and contest copies for free as and when you ask them. You just have to ask.

H/Sil asks that you know how many up front. They are on a different distribution operating system.