Saturday, December 02, 2017

More Bargain Books

There is a fantastic deal on Harlequin box sets at the moment on
. This includes the Harlequin Historical Feb 2017  box set 2. This includes my SOLD TO THE VIKING WARRIOR as well as books by Margaret Moore and Carol Arens for $1.99

Also on sale are:

An Impulsive Debutante and A Noble Captive, again for $1.99.
The blurb for An Impulsive Debutante is

Carlotta Charlton can't wait for her first season—until her impulsive behavior lands her right in the lap of notorious rake Tristan, Lord Thorngrafton!

Tristan is cynically convinced that she's a fortune hunter. But he can't keep away from her. Several heated kisses lead to scandal and, one outraged mama later, they're on their way to Gretna Green.

Catching his breath on the carriage ride to the border, Tristan decides it's time that Lottie learned her lesson. If she wants to play with fire, he'll notch up his seduction and set her ablaze!

And for A Noble Captive:
Strong, proud, honorable—Marcus Livius Tullio embodied the values of Rome. Captured on the high seas and brought to the Temple of Kybele, he was drawn to the woman who gave him refuge. 

Fierce, beautiful, determined—Helena despised all that Rome stood for. In sheltering Tullio, she had to subdue her awareness of him—or she might confess all! The soldier's strength and nobility tempted her to lean on him, but she knew that to succumb would be to betray her people….

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