Monday, January 05, 2015

Out with 2014, in with 2015

The end of 2014 flew past. Instead of being on the computer, I rediscovered the joys of doing a jigsaw puzzle with my children. Very therapeutic.

It has been a year since my fil decided to take an overdose and thereby ended up living with us. My mil had been taken into a care home a few days earlier. At first I thought it was remorse but knowing my fil better, it was just that his empire had crumbled.

My fil continues his hermit ways. Despite my asking, he showed no interested in attending any parties or events to do with Christmas or New Years. Of course my dh and I were the ones who were look at strangely when people asked why he wasn't there. I am learning to just smile and wave.
This morning, after taking him to the village to his *supplies* -- various sweets and crisps (he is 81 after all), I was treated to a tirade about elderly men and the way they move slowly and waste the shop assistant's time.
It was all my daughter and I could do to keep straight faces.

He at least now has tins to keep his supplies in. This was after my youngest dispatched a mouse who was discovered sheltering behind the bookcase in the hall. He wants the supplies in his room in case he feels hungry. He now realizes that mice get hungry as well.

Over Christmas I read Bede which has helped with the latest project. Context is everything.
And I have been exercising. It keeps me sane.

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