Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes you have to just roll with the universe

Yesterday, I realised what the universe was saying to me.
I accepted the message back on 23 October when I went for the pixie cut but now the universe had a different message.

Therefore I am stopping my Nanowrimo project as it doesn't suit my current needs.
That being said, I did learn a lot.
1. Caffeine free makes me efficient.
2. Limiting social media until after I have done my words makes me efficient.
3. I like to go back and tinker after I have written a few chapters.
4. My best time to write is early and then by about three my head spins.

So while this one at 23k will be living on my computer and nowhere else, I'm glad I did it.
And self-knowledge is priceless.

What I will be focusing on is a brand new project which is a departure for me but something I really want to write and in the way I want to write it.

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