Wednesday, January 02, 2013

No Sugar January

As part of my New Year resolutions, I am doing a no Sugar Janaury. It should help me detox. Refined sugar is one those things which is bad for you in large quantities. How large depends on your own metabolism and hormones. Anyway after feasting through out Christmas, I have decided to give my digestion a break and take a rest.
Funnily enough, it is currently easier than I thought it would be.
It feels good not to be eating the sweet stuff or drinking the alcohol. Alcohol has a lot of sugar. I am also avoiding processed food (which normally has sugar added) and not adding any sweetner (including honey).
After one day, I can feel the bloating dropping. One of the problems with lymph oedema is that I do swell up if I don't eat properly.

I have contined to do my TAM over the Christmas period.  Year 2 is challenging but good fun.

My writing has been slow because I have been concentrating on my family.


Caroline said...

Your weight loss has been an inspiration Michelle, go you. Not sure if I could totally go without sugar - it's hidden in everything that I like. Caroline x p.s downloaded "Hattie" last night. Loving it!

Michelle Styles said...

Oh thanks Caroline.
I do hope you enjoy Hattie.
I am very excited about An Ideal Husband which comes out in April as I did really like writing it and it is my last Regency/Victorian for a long while.
Back to the 9th century.