Friday, October 12, 2012

Editor changes

My editor is changing again. For a variety of reasons, various editors at Harlequin Mills and Boon are either on maternity leave or have left the company. This has meant that an unprecendented 3 mid-ranked editors have been making their farewells from the acquisitions team. One editor has just returned from maternity leave.
My editor has been promoted which is wonderful for her. But it also means she needs to rebalance her author stable so it is more in favour of the series where she is  the new Associate Editor (Romance/Riva). The editor who has just returned is going to historical and needs more historical authors. She also loves the Viking period, apparently. So I get moved. Not all of my editor's historical authors will get moved. It just depends on a variety of factors.
Some day I will make good my threat and get a Pandora bracelet with a bead for each of my editors. I think I am up to 6 editors in the 7 years I have been a contracted author with HMB.  Some authors only have one editor. Others get moved about for a variety of reasons. I think of all the changes the hardest was the first one. After that you know you can do it.
I have loved working with Flo Nicoll. She is a rising star among HMB editors and I can't wait to see how far she goes. I am very proud of the books we did together. And I do think my writing has improved under her. I will miss her insights very much. But I also am aware of why the change needs to be made.
A new editor always pushes you in directions you haven't thought about and makes you confront things. This can be a good thing as it is always about getting the strongest book.
At the moment with the current Viking, I get the benefit of both Flo and Suzy Clarke's eyes.  After that, it will be Suzy.
It is good to be back with the Historical team as it were, and I know Suzy has a reputation for detailed revisions. My senior editor thinks we will get on very well and I do trust my senior editor very much -- she was my first editor after all...
If you can't stop change, you might as well embrace it and enjoy the ride.


Sarah Morgan said...

Hi Michelle, an editor change is always hard but you're so lucky to have Suzy. She was my first editor and she is amazing as well as being a lovely person. I'm sure you will do great things together!

Michelle Styles said...

Thanks for this Sarah.
It is good to hear.

Nell Dixon said...

This sparked a memory for me and sure enough I looked back on my blog and from Aug 17 2006 I found this!'Cue the spooky music and X-files lighting. Okay, now you know I told you I get premonition dreams? and yes, I know that it's a bit freaky. Well, remember I said the editor who'd opened the letter was called Susan and Michelle said she didn't know of a Susan?
Jo Carr put up a new list of the editors at Mills and Boon today on the eharl board. There's a new name with the initials SH the same as my reference number and her name...... duhduh duuuurm
Suzanne Harding' Wow!

Michelle Styles said...

What is spooky Nell is that I remember that now you mention it.
And yes Suzanne Harding became Suzy Clarke after her marriage.

Phillipa said...

Have dropped by to say hell, Michelle and to see Nell's psychic post!