Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More Berlin

Here are a couple more photos that readers took. It was after the signing.
I forgot to say that the lovely ladies from Realm on Our Bookshelves brought me a really sweet present -- a little delft figurine and some chocolate. The figurine now sits on the mantelpiece in my study. And another lady gave me a stuffed alligator or maybe it was a crocodile.  Anyway, it was the people who made this conference and the readers had such big hearts. There was just such a great atmosphere that I am still in awe of it.
I am planning on going next year and have asked if I can do a workshop -- maybe something to do with Vikings. Fingers crossed.

I have finished reading the The Hunger Games trilogy and now need to see the movie. I started reading it to relax from the conference and couldn't stop! I simply inhaled all three books. I do like those sorts of books. It was just really fun.  And of course because I was reading on a kindle, I couldn't flip to the end and see. I did cry during Mockingjay. I love the whole real or not real and always. Luckily my eldest has arrived home and he has read them all. I can discuss them with him. I shall get my daughter to read the books as well...

However, reading about Katniss and Peeta is not getting my book written. I need to get it done so I can start the Viking on 1 July. I know the characters for the Viking btw. The hero is very determined about his name as is the heroine. Two strong willed characters are good in theory. In practice, the writing can get tough.  But I am starting to play around with the theme. Dara Marks made some interesting observations and I think it makes sense to me now why Shackled went through with so few revisions. It has to do with getting the theme right and making the conflict wedded to the theme. But this one is going to be an experiment to see if I am right.

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