Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shackled to the Viking accepted

My editor phoned yesterday to say that Shackled to the Viking's tweaks were fine and the book has been accepted. She is really going to try for the title. So fingers crossed.
In case anyone was wondering it is a Viking warrior v Anglo Saxon lady tale set in North Yorkshire in 876.
My editor thinks my enjoyment of writing the story showed. And the next story is also supposed to be a simple premise as well so that I can go into greater depth with my characterisation. Sometimes I do get too convuluted for my own good.
Obviously no date for publication yet. I suspect it will sometime in 2013.
It is back to the Victorian era for my next one and thus lots of beautiful dresses. There is just something about a full skirt. My youngest has been dispatched to the Lit and Phil for the fashion books that I use. And I've been busy reading about the Great Exhibition. My deadline is 1 April.


The Viking Princess said...

Keep those Viking romances coming. I just can't get enough of those sexy alpha males.
Can you please tell me the reading order of your Viking series? Thanks so much.

Michelle Styles said...

I like writing them so I suspect there will be more...
The reading order of my Viking series is
Taken by the Viking
Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
The VIking's Captive Princess

Shackled to the Viking is unrelated as my senior editor asked that it be different.

Tora Williams said...

Congratulations! I'll definitely look out for it - I love romances set in that era.