Monday, December 05, 2011

The Tracy Anderson Method Meta Omni: L6 Day 4 -10: digestion

Today was a measuring day and basically my measurements remained the same. Given that I had a bad Friday and ate 2 slices of chocolate cake. I was reasonably happy. I have been snacking too much on peanut butter and apples as well as handful of raisins. I am in full writing mode as my deadline looms.
It is about being in for the long haul. I do have to get a camera cord as I have reached the 60th workout and need to take pictures. My arms are much more sculpted than before and my abs firmer. I have come to realise how much of this is a journey and that my body will continue to shape up and change.

Because I am seeking to understand why Tracy's Lifestyle Menus worked so well for me, I have been doing a lot of reading about nutrition and digestion.  It is also to help me formulate a workable maintenance plan. The theory of the gut as a second brain is one which is gaining prominence. There has been a lot of academic research which does show that moods etc are affected by what you absorb.There are reasons for cravings. And it is possible to reset your body. This is what Tracy's diets are attempting to do. Being over weight/a slow metabolism is often a function of your digestive system not working as efficiently as it could.
I have started reading Patrick Holford -- Improve Your Digestion and will probably go on to Elizabeth Lipiski. As I did suffer from gall stones and had my gall bladder removed, it is a subject which interests me greatly. I also know that I have so much more energy when  I am eating in a way which really babys and pampers my digestion. It also has given me advice on how to stave off cravings when I am writing. And why certain food stuff work better than others. I was interested to read about oatmeal(porridge) and how that does contain gluten and can cause cravings in some people. For me, I used to find that after eating a huge bowl of porridge at 8 am, I was starving by 10 am. If on the other hand I eat a steamed apple combined with blueberries, I'm not hungry until 1 pm. Apples provide a different sort of carb than oats.  I am beginning to understand the importance of eating slowly and making sure that my food is well chewed, rather than rushed. Digestion  starts in the mouth.
As anyone who reads this blog knows -- I am determined to keep the weight off and stay within my green zone. I am NOT going to become one of those people who gain all the weight plus back. TAM workouts are the foundation but I have to understand in my own head the reasoning behind the diet and see how I can apply it.

On Wednesday, it is my day for the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar.  There will be a couple of bonus ways to enter. The grand prize is a Kindle Fire.


Tracy2011 said...

Hi Michelle,

I am also looking at this program for the long haul benefits. I have had an all or nothing attitude in the past with a lot of exercise and diet programs, but am learning that as long as I keep my workouts going a splurge once in a while or an extra piece of cake is not going to derail my results. It's a great feeling. Enjoy L7.

Christine said...

It looks like you do alot of reading on exercise and health! Thanks for sharing all of this information, it's quite useful.