Monday, November 14, 2011

The TAM Meta Omni: L4 Day 6 - L5 Day 2:The key is balance

This week I did my first measurements since starting Level 4 and reached several key decisions. First was that I do enjoy doing the Dance Cardio first. When I do it second, I tend to fall asleep around 9 pm. Luckily someone on the TAm community pointed me towards a Youtube video of Tracy explaining which one to do first. I do not tend to bulk up and do has loose skin aka surface fat so doing the Dance Cardio first was the correct choice. I have also started really trying to put the everything in moderation/nothing forbidden 80% controlled direct nutrition thing into force. My weight did go down by about 2 lbs. And it is slightly freeing to know that I won't be weighing myself until the end of L5. The weighing myself every day did help me to realise which foods helped to trigger my bloating and weight gain so I am pleased that I did it. It is about learning to eat in moderation, listening to my body and keeping up with my workouts. ANd yes, the holidays are coming up, so it is about having a plan to deal with them and listening to my body when it says it is full, rather than overeating. I don't have to be a fully piad up member of the Clean Plate Club any longer.

 One of the things which really attracted to TAM was Tracy's attitude that she does not promote a diet for life or fad diets. She likes to eat and so workouts. Her appearance on My Last Supper was a case in point. She does have a healthy attitude towards food. Equally I have enjoyed reading the Skinny Chicks book. The author's assertion that people have different metabolic rates and therefore need to think about their individual combinations of exercise and eating hit a chord. Some people have naturally faster metabolisms and don't have to exercise as much as I do. I choose to eat a bit more liberally but like wearing UK size 8, so it is getting the exercise, and in particular the Dance Cardio right for that. Note I have no desire to be a UK size 6 or US size 2.
This journey is about me developing the body I want. It is NOT about the woman with the smallest size wins.
I have noticed much more definition in my upper arms and that some of my loose skin in my stomach region is starting to disappear so this is good as I had no wish to resemble a Sharpie dog.
I also now know that I can take rest days and then look forward to restarting the next day.

Level 5 is much difficult for me than L4. I really feel it in my abs and legs. I am trying to be very precise with how I hold my legs -- the angles and where I put my knee down in the lifts. Part of the whole centric thing does involve the various angles and it is important to really pay attention to how Tracy is doing things. The exercises in each level are often variations on a theme from what I understand but where you put your foot or how your knee is turned out changes. Little things to really activate the cross vectors.
I do feel my body is stronger. I like the buzz I get after the workout and I do crave it.  Another Skinny chick tip which I have put into action is to write a list of changes that I like about my body since starting TAM and to say them out  loud every day. It is about owning my new body, rather than thinking that it is borrowed.


Tracy2011 said...

Hi Michelle,

What a great blog you have. I have always wondered what order to workout that would be the most beneficial for my body. I do the DC first and then the MS, and according to Tracy I am doing this correctly. I also like the fact that you are warmed up for the MS portion. Not sure I could work out with heaters like she suggests, I kind of like it cooler in the room. Anyway, thank you for posting this.

Rachel Donnelly said...

Congrats on your wonderful weight loss Michelle. You've inspired me to look into the TAM. Being a writer with a slow metabolism, I really need a good workout plan.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Lynda R said...

Hi Michelle, I love to read your motiviational comments on TAM site! I too tried to do MS first and that day, the DC seemed to last forever. I went back to DC first and feel more energetic first thing. Took your advise and ordered the Skinny chick book...every little bit helps, right? We are about at the same distance into the program, but I am hipcentric (i hope?). Your progress is phenomenal---did you get there more from the bootcamp, then continuing onto the meta? Fabulous results. Congrats!

Michelle Styles said...

Tracy2011 -- I'm so pleased you like my blog.
I know I couldn't do the heaters. Even if I lit the fire, it would take too long to heat up. I fugre I am doing well if the windows are steamed up by the time I am done.

Rachel Donnelly. Tracy Anderson is a really good workout plan. She is revolutionary in working the accessory muscles and if you do what she says consistently and persistently, while eating with controlled nutrition, you will get the results.

Lynda R -- Thank you so much. I know doing the MS first is SO hard. It is just better for me when I do the DC first. Glad you had the same experience.
The bootcamp laid the foundation for me to excel at Meta. I have had great results from both. I am glad that I did the bootcamp first as I prefer that diet and learnt so much about my body and what its triggers are. I don't think I could have stuck the Dynamic Eating Plan...