Saturday, September 04, 2010

winner from Christina Phillips Forbidden party

Christina asked me to draw a winner from my blog post -- Morton S Gray. So if you can contact me via my website Morton, and give me your postal address, I will get the four books sent out to you!
Christina's party is on going until the 7 September and lots of other books are up for grabs!

One recent discovery is that Donald Mass does a monthly column on Writer UnBoxed where he discusses craft and various aspects of it. Some of his posts relate back to his books and some are musings and outgrowths from his current reading. All are interesting and thought provoking.

Currently I'm thinking about character and the points he makes in Fire in Fiction about protagonists and heroes are important. Also the combining of the two exercises about thinking about the character's strengths and hero's flaws and making sure they are on the page is a good one.

I'm re-reading craft books etc as my Online Read is only 10k and a very small canvas but I want it to punch above its weight as it were.


Morton S Gray said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm not sure if you have been getting my e-mails? I have not recieved any books yet. Forgive me it you haven't had time to post them. Mx

Michelle Styles said...

Morton -- it is on my list of things to do today...I just haven't been to the post office yet but plan on doing so. Events keep overtaking me.
A thousand apologies.

Morton S Gray said...

It's absolutely fine - just worried they were lost in the post. Take your time I have a pile of books to read and loads of New Voices stories too. Mx