Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Launch party for Kate Walker

Kate Walker who has long served as a mentor to me (even before she knew I existed!) is having a luanch party for the second edition of her 12 Point guide to Writing Romance. It is not just updated but also includes tips and hints from various authors, including myself. There are also prizes.
The prize I am giving away is signed copies of Sold & Seduced and Kate Walker's The Antonaxos Marriage. I got the idea for S&S in the back of Anna Lucia's car after a workshop as Kate was explaining some of her difficulties with her revisions. Later Kate sent me The Antonaxos Marriage as something to read while I waited for my cataracts to be done. Reading it, I then realised that I had slightly misconstrued the whole premise. Anyway, it goes to show how two authors can take the same idea -- a woman forced into marriage to save her father and come up with two different books...
And I can thoroughly recommend hearing Kate in workshop or failing that reading the book.
The 12 Point Guide is probably the best guide for anyone targetting the series books edited out of London.

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peggy said...

i like what you said.
that 2 authors can take the same idea and come up with 2 different