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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Who has all the shoes?

Is it a female thing? Tess seems to be obsessed with my shoes. In her latest manifestation, she went and collected as many shoes of mine as she possibly could and sat with them on her bed. She did not chew them. She simply sat them with them.

Hardy on the other hand, quite likes to think of himself as human and could not understand why he was not fed at the table outside.


Kate Hardy said...

Not necessarily female... Byron is a shoe fiend, too. Doesn't chew at all (though he might be sorely tempted when he comes home tomorrow, after a week of us being away...)

Caroline said...

I have two dogs. Both rescue dogs. The first thing we noticed when we got Molly was the shoe thing. When we went out and left them on thier own we always came back to a house with shoes in the dog bed. They can be either mine or the dh's. Never both though. Bob, the other dog, has never done shoe things. He likes to sit on something that's "ours" cushions normally! Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Aww it's cause she loves you :) At least you'll always be able to find your shoes! They'll be wherever she is!