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Monday, August 03, 2009

Duckings in a net

One of the ducks had been crafty and had her nest in the greenhouse. This was well and good and possibly a sensible place to have a nest. However, there was some used netting and seven of the ducklings ended up getting stuck in the netting. We saw the mother duck with one duckling and were surprised as she is not a notoriously bad sitter. Luckily my youngest and went discovered the other ducklings. We then moved the ducklings over to the duck pen.
They are currently occupying the apex house. The other mother duck with her one remaining duckling has taken over the oldest duck house and the remaining ducks, deciding not to deal with enraged mothers are all crammed into the middle house.

I was so very proud of Tess and Hardy last night. They have started to help round up the ducks at night. Help is probably debatable as they have a tendency to suddenly dart forward into flock, scattering the ducks. Tess and Hardy think it is a great game. However, last night, they did seem to get the idea. They also started working as a team. Hardy went and sat on the bridge to prevent escape and then Tess went around the back of the pen on the outside. The older ducks (the ducklings and mother ducks having been good little ducks and in bed) decided it was time to playing samba samba aye aye aye we are late night party ducks and go to bed. The puppies then did a celebratory race around the houses.

Today I have to start the first book in my proposed trilogy. I know where I want the books to end up. It is a question of getting them there.


Carol Townend said...

I am glad you rescued the ducklings! We some some coot duckling on the pond by the Public Record Office in Kew and they had managed to nest in some sort of a cage thing (Heaven knows why it was there) floating on top of the water. I was worried they were stuck, but my husband said he was sure they could get out as they are all fluff!! When we went back next evening to check, there was no sign of them, by which we assumed they did get out. The Public Record Office are very proud of the pond and the birds on it. I am sure they would have looked after them if there had been problems.

Judy Jarvie said...

Writer's sat nav. That's what we need (if only).

Cute duckling story. Carmen Miranda style ducks, now that's worthy of You Tube methinks.

Jen Black said...

Love the duck n'dog stories as usual but I am fascinated by how quickly you can switch from one story to a new one. Phew!

Lacey Devlin said...

I love that the enraged mothers have taken over the bulk of the housing :)

Alison said...

If you're starting your next book and the deadline is 31 October, that must mean you're writing it in three months? - wow!

Michelle Styles said...

Ducklings and their mother are all safe.

The puppies are tired from this morning's walk.

And yes, Alison it is a book in 3 months. I have done it before. In some ways I work better under pressure.