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Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun and games with ducks and puppies

We have three duck houses. They are all in the duck pen. The two mother ducks were generally going in the apex house. They had squabbled a bit but no matter. Then they switched to the oldest duck house. Again no real problem.

Last night, the white mother duck and her remaining duckling were undecided and had stayed out. A fact neither my youngest nor I realised until Tess discovered her.

The other grown up ducks were in the pen at this point and we were only trying to get a few of the Drones Club in the middle duck house.

The Mother duck then decided that she was going to go in the middle house which also houses most of the grown up ducks. Cue general mayhem as all the ducks exit that house. All the other houses had to be opened and it became a free for all as the ducks milled about.

Tess and Hardy (who were thankfully on leads) became excited and thought this a wonderful event. Cue more mayhem and cacophony of quacks and barks. And it was a game of once more around the duck house, my friends.

In the end, the white mother duck and her duckling got her way. They passed the night in the middle duck house.
Three fully paid up members of the Drones Club had to be captured individually with the net and placed in the apex house. The puppies could not understand why a netted duck was not there for their amusement.
The entire operation took forty five minutes. NOrmal duck putting away = five minutes!

As Liz F asked, I have included pictures of Tess and this morning's meeting of The Drones Club.

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Lacey Devlin said...

Love the pic! Hilarious story! :)