Friday, August 14, 2009

Pigeon in the Bedroom

My younger two proved more than able in eviction yesterday when a homing pigeon invaded my youngest bedroom.

I know his bedroom is messy but draw the line at it becoming a pigeon loft. My youngest understood after seeing the poop. He went and got the fishing net we use for the ducks. The pigeon evaded the net several times, knocking over a few models but in the end made a dart for the open window.

The pigeon, having been evicted, did try to get back in. Windows were shut. It has now departed and hopefully will once again be in the proper pigeon loft.


Michelle Styles said...

My daughter wishes to add that she was in fact the one with the net,Her brother was useless.

Kate Hardy said...

Why does this remind me of that episode of Two and a Half Men, when a seagull invades Jake's bedroom? :o)

And LOL at your daughter's addition. I think it would be the same in our house, despite the fact that she's the youngest.

Nell Dixon said...

Many years ago when I was health visiting I visited a house where they had turned the box bedroom into a pigeon loft and let the birds fly in and out through the window