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Friday, August 21, 2009

Involuntarily unplugged

Yesterday, the power went out in the village and stayed out, finally coming back on about 9:15 pm, a full 9 1/2 hours after it went. Something to do with overhead cables.

It was annoying for my eldest as it was A levels day and he had not topped up his phone. Eventually he was able to discover how his friends had done etc.

We did go out to lunch (the General Havelock has a backup generator) and celebrated his getting into university. He did it, and did it well.

Now, it is my middle's GCSE anxiety as those results are next week.

I had thought when I had my three children that the spacing, particularly with regards to school was good...I had not fully understood the stress of exams!


India said...

How frustrating about the power!

But it just adds drama to a story that has such a happy and triumphant ending for your eldest. Huge congratulations to him on his hard work, and undignified air punches all round from us embarrassing mums-- he did it well indeed!!

(Now-- a period of calm will ensue until next week...)


Biddy said...

YAY!! Glad the results were good and he gets to go to the university of choice. Fingers crossed for next week...

Caroline Storer said...

Hi Michelle. Congrats to your son re his exam results. Even though it was some 25 years ago I still remember the stress I felt waiting for "the day". Take Caroline. x

Alison said...

I'm so pleased your son had good results - I've been checking every few hours on your blog as i was dying to know ow he had got on. Congraulations to hi, and I hope he enjoys the next stage in his education.

Michelle Styles said...

And he made the front page of the Courant because of the school's success at A levels.

Thank you so much for the congrats.

I will be glad when next week is over.