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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Playdates for puppies

Tess & Hardy had a playdate yesterday. Daisy the Labrador came over. Daisy is about a year old and has two older Labradors as her pack. She plays well with Chile and came over to help teach Tess & Hardy their manners. This was her second visit. She was a bit rougher with the puppies this time, but still gentle. Chile played a bit and then turned his back and laid down. He did not go off the lawn even though he was free to do so.

Hardy was a fluff bag who gave a whimper every now and then and stuck close to where we were having coffee. Tess decided that she would play big girl dog games and was quite willing to challenge Daisy for various toys. I think she thought Hardy was supposed to be guarding the toys once she obtained them from Daisy, but Hardy was far too busy having his strokes and pats. So then the game would start again with Tess being very willing to play tug with Daisy.

It is fascinating to watch the subtle communication with pats of the paw, and little whines to signal if a game would start.
Both Tess & Hardy are much better on the lead now. I walk them separately (if you can call it walk). Every time one of them starts to go before me, they have to sit. I move forward and then they are allowed to walk on. It seems to be working, although it is a bit stop start. At least they are not getting in the habit of bounding forward and I am not pulling them backwards.
Happy Fourth of July. We are having a barbecue.


Carol Townend said...

I see they still are at the CUTE stage! Hope their bee-stings are better...

Lacey Devlin said...

Awww so gorgeous!