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Friday, July 03, 2009

Bees and the puppies

Yesterday Tess & Hardy were very naughty and ran into the bee garden, straight in front of the bee hive. I remained on the edge of the area, hoping that nothing untoward would happen as I had no wish to play chase the puppy in front of the bee hive. Unfortunately they both got far too close. There was much yelping and whimpering as both emerged with a few bees clinging to their fur. I cleaned Tess off, getting stung on the ankles. I am not sure if she was stung The bees had obviously decided the puppies were the target. Hardy went the wrong way and went back in the bee garden, before coming out again and running for the house. He was definitely stung.
They are both fine with no ill effects. Although Hardy has decided that buzzing insects should now be avoided...
The bees appear to have recovered as well. They had eaten all the sugar syrup and are busily drawing out the new comb. I have put a queen excluder on and a super, just in case they should decide to lay down some honey.

I am blogging today at Totebags about the new RWA readership survey. It makes for interesting reading if you happen to be interested in the make up of the readership and what they use to read. For example only 5.4% have read an e-book, and only half of those use a dedicated e book reader. But I would imagine that it is 500% increase from the number who read them in 2005. It all depends on how you look at the statistics.


Nicola Cornick said...

Yikes, Michelle! Glad to hear that the bees are okay but poor puppies! Unfortunately they have to learn by experience, don't they. That's why Guide Dogs were so pleased that we had two cats to train up their puppies! It worked. None of our puppies ever chased cats when they became working dogs.

Will check out the RWA readership survey. Sounds interesting. Thanks, Michelle!

Lacey Devlin said...

Oooo poor puppies! Poor you! I've seen a pup at the vet with a huge swollen nose from a bee sting. Poor bub didn't like his injection either. I'm so glad yours were okay :)