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Current Release
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Near disaster

Yesterday, on my walk with Tess, we did the reverse Witch's Cottage (so called because the children when young were convinced a witch lived there -- it does have that sort of feel about it. I suspect though it is simply a holiday cottage in a small glen...). Towards the end of the walk, there is a difficult gate to close. I struggled. Tess panicked, wriggled and the next thing I knew she was bolting down the road, leaving me holding her new collar and lead. Luckily, I was able to catch up and reunite her. But it was a scary few seconds. She has gone back to her old collar.
Fpr this morning's walk, I did the two puppies in tandem. We went further (avoiding any tramps across fields and gates). They are now asleep. Eventually all this walking will help with my writer's bottom.
But there is also something uplifting about being out in the early morning with the birds singing, the air fresh and no one except other dog walkers or runners about.

Lots of people, including Donna Alward are at the RWA National conference in Washington DC. SOme day I will make it, but for now, I will live vicariously! Besides I am under the deadline kosh.


Judy Jarvie said...

What a scary one for you and Tess both. Hugs on the deadline kosh but I know you will conquer and conjure your magic.jx

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs on your scary moment. Been there myself, when Byron slipped his lead and ran across the road (he knew we were going to the vet for the annual vaccination). Luckily the car coming down the hill saw him and stopped. (At four years old, Byron should have known better!)

Michelle Styles said...

Yes my heart was in my mouth and I felt so sorry for her as she was clearly frightened.
But all is well now and she is back to her old collar which she cannot slip!