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Monday, July 20, 2009

Crusades, new author and screaming at Harry Potter VI

First of all, on my trying to find out more about the RWA Nationals wanderings, I encountered Ramblings on Romance where there is an active crusade to get people to watch North & South. This sort of crusade makes me very happy. And if anyone has not seen it yet (why not?) do so. Now. I had to laugh -- Kristie helpfully linked to my post back 2007 just after I watched N&S. I had forgotten that originally Simon Clare of Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife was named Gabe. It is hard to think of him as anything but Simon now! N&S is wonderful...This reminds me -- I have lent my copy to a friend who professed ignorance. I need to get it back. She is supposed to lend me all the series for Spooks (MI5 in the US) which she says is brill.

Another bit of news that I learnt was there is a brand new Harlequin Historical author -- Jeannie Lin. Her struggles to get published are awe inspiring and I am so pleased that HH bought a Chinese set historical. Fingers crossed that it does well. It is always good to have another Unusual Historical author.

Last night, it was time to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The entire family went. Luckily we had booked tickets ahead of time as the Hexham Forum had sold out. I saw other families with their grown up children obviously doing the same as us. HP VI is the best thus far. It is a bit dark and the themes are more adult. It has grown along with its original audience. My eldest really enjoyed it. Towards the end, I was half paying attention and half thinking about the ending to my latest, and so missed the build up and let out a piercing shriek at one point. It is frightening in places! If you are a fan of the series, go and see it. It has a 12A rating for a reason, and could cause nightmares amongst younger children. But it is good fun and now I have to re-read the last book as I need to remind myself where everything was found.

My work in progress will be finished in first draft form today and then I have the AA's (final check after copy edits) for The Viking's Captive Princess to do. These should clear my mind so I can properly edit HRG.


Lacey Devlin said...

If it makes you feel better there were screams when I went to see HP too :) I thought it was much funnier than the last one I really enjoyed it. What I find the most amusing is the applause it gets at the end lol. I've yet to see a HP movie so soon after it's release without the applause that no one involved in the film can hear :)

Jeannie Lin said...

Thanks for the shout out Michelle! It's beyond wonderful to be able to sell such an odd fish of a book and to a major publisher like Harlequin Mills & Boon!

I can't wait to see HP. Hoping I can take my mum to it this week.