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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ack ducklings!

Yesterday, Tess & Hardy were playing in the dene, running about and discovering the stream.. Tess bounded. A duck squawked and then I heard it -- the unmistakable peeping of ducklings.

A flash of yellow followed by brown. Quickly followed by a very bemused puppy.

Tess & Hardy were called back to play on the back lawn and I discovered that Tess was not carrying a new plaything. My husband went to find the ducklings in the undergrowth. This took sometime.

Once discovered, the mother duck and her ducklings had to be separated from the duck flock which they had joined (ducklings were trampled under webbed foot) and herded into the duck pen. (We did miss Joss here as he knew what to do -- the puppies stayed bemused on the back lawn.)

We have 3 ducklings -- one yellow and two brown. They are with their mother in the apex duck house. 3 other ducks wanted to join them last night, so they had to be let in. This morning, it was fun and games trying to get the big ducks out and keeping the ducklings in the pen...

Ducklings are cute and I will try to get photos. They are also dumb. The mother duck is Imelda who has previous convictions for losing ducklings.
I do not want to think about the combo of ducklings and puppies. It happened so I will deal with it.
I was, however, good and resisted the rescue kittens that were at the vets this morning. Gorgeous, but not with my deadline. My question as to why the RSPCA rescue kittens etc are expensive was answered -- each one is vaccinated and microchipped. Older cats/dogs are neutered. My vet does the RSPCA work in the area. And the kittens were awfully cute...SIGH.

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Judy Jarvie said...

Cute kittens, you did well. Temptation in furry mewing form. Sigh, I'd love some kittens and if they were in front of me I'm sure I'd bend. So must keep out of the way of kittens as a result (especially given my past tendency to take several).