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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to have hyper puppies

Last evening , Tess & Hardy went hyper. They had a mad puppy half hour. Three circuits around the living room, jumping on the furniture etc. My daughter and I immediately took them for a walk to calm them down. I was totally perplexed on how this happened until my daughter confessed that she had thought them so peaceful that she had given them some treats. Obviously the treats gave them extra energy! A bit like children and sweets.

The exercise did calm them down. And hopefully my daughter has learnt a valuable lesson. But to control the hyper activity -- it is exercise, exercise, exercise. I suppose this is good for my writer's bottom.

We went on another long walk this morning. They find the Shetland pony placidly standing in the field very scary and growled. They are walking better on the double lead than yesterday.

Currently they are busy chewing. Or rather Hardy is chewing his raw hide chew and Tess is looking for a place to hide it for later. She then comes back and steals Hardy's as well. Slight update-- they have gone outside as they were getting bored and I need to write.

The work in progress is coming along. Hard work without hyper active puppies should do the job.


Lacey Devlin said...

Oh I love it when they hide their bones. I love watching them put it somewhere and then move it three seconds later (obviously it wasn't safe enough :) )

Kate Hardy said...

Byron never hides anything, but I guess being an only dog means he doesn't need to.

Lovely pics and stories. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Styles said...

It is only Tess who hides things. DOn't ask me why. None of the others ever have. Hardy sometimes goes and nicks what she has hidden, quietly chewing away on the pig's ear for example.