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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reviews for Taken by the Viking

Okay I will admit it. I love getting reader feedback, and I enjoy reading reviews. Taken by the Viking has just been reviewed on Cataromance and the PHS review site.

One of my favourite bits of the 4.5 starred Cataromance review was

Readers looking for historical romances that are densely plotted, meticulously researched and highly evocative ought to look no further than Michelle Styles. Blazing with all the passion and intrigue that she has become renowned for, Michelle Styles’ latest Mills and Boon Historical Romance, Taken by the Viking is a sensuous tale that will beguile and captivate romance readers everywhere.
In Taken by the Viking,
Michelle Styles combines courageous heroes, valiant heroines, powerful romance and heart pounding action in an unforgettable tale that will captivate, beguile and enthrall.

And on the PHS Review

Michelle Styles is a wonderful historical novelist whose spellbinding tales of romance, adventure and intrigue never fail to hold readers spellbound from beginning to end. Writing with plenty of skill, style and alacrity, Michelle Styles paints a vivid picture of the Viking era and makes her readers feel as if they are living the story next to her characters rather than just reading it.Michelle Styles combines history, passion and suspense in an engrossing tale that cements her position as one of the finest writers of the genre.


Kate Hardy said...

Fab review and well deserved. Congrats.

Nell said...

Great reviews.

India said...

Congratulations-- and so very well deserved!

Am so looking forward to reading Taken by the Viking...

Donna Alward said...

Well DUH, it's a great book! LOL

Congrats hon.

Michelle Styles said...

Many thanks one and all.I was very pleased.
My fingers are firmly crossed that readers enjoy it as I did have a great time writing it.