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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Christmas by Candlelight books arrive plus duckling update

One of the things I have been anxiously waiting for -- my author copies of Christmas by Candlelight have arrived. The postman rang the doorbell at about 8 this morning with the parcels.

It is wonderful to hold the book in my hand and reread the Dear reader letter and the dedication as well as seeing the back pages. Christmas By Candlelight is one of M&B's Special Releases, and so there is not a list of upcoming historicals. One of my great pleasures has been to see what is coming out way in advance. But not this time. Although Silent in the Grave -- the Mira book that appears on 21 Dec sounds excellent.

I will now get to read Helen Dickson's Wicked Pleasures as the book is a duo. I am a fan of Helen's books so I am really pleased to be twinned with her.
I now need to get the review copies sent out.
The hero of ACWW is Jack Stanton and he was not based on Richard Armitage. Although having watching North and South, I can see the resemblance. I just knew I wanted to do a self-made hero. And he is one of my favourites for a number of reasons. My fingers are very firmly crossed that readers like him just as much...
Tomorrow I am blogging at Unusual Historicals and a signed copy of Taken by the Viking will be given away to one lucky person who comments. I do ship anywhere in the world.
For those wondering about the ducklings. Last night was an experience. The choice of three houses completely flummoxed the ducks. Three of the ducklings decided to go into the stream and become lost. My eldest had to borrow the torch and fish them out while I prevented more escapes. Eventually, the ducklings went into the A framed duck house and several ducks went into the oldest duck house. The remaining ducks had to be caught with a fishing net and placed into the newest house. An operation that was not without difficulty and escape attempts.
Ducks like their routine. They are easily confused.
All seem well today. We shall have to see tonight.

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Donna Alward said...

Oh I'm so glad they arrived! It's just gorgeous.