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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hooray for Carrie Lofty and Redeeming Will Scarlett

Carrie Lofty who organises the Unusual Historical blog announced yesterday that she had sold her first novel to Kensington. Redeeming Will Scarlett (title to be confirmed) will be released as a Zebra Debut in Sept 08 or thereabouts. It should appeal to all fans of the Robin Hood era.

I raise a glass of cyber champagne in Carrie's direction. She has worked tremendously hard and it is fantastic that she has received this contract. She can be congraulated either on her blog or on Unusual Historicals.

Speaking of Unusual Historicals -- it is Crime and Punishment month and the vast majority of the posts are looking at different aspects of crime and punishment through the ages. Carrie has been tireless in reforming UH and there are plenty of exciting things happening there.

Speaking of Robin Hood -- the 2nd series premieres tonight. Although the newspapers and the like still tout Robin as a heart throb, my daughter and I will be watching for Richard Armitage. He just somehow exudes more Alpha maleness, even though Sir Guy of Gisbourne is a seriously flawed character. But for what ever reason, Robin Hood is a much watch and does fill the Dr Who slot nicely.

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Carrie Lofty said...

Thanks for the kind words, Michelle. I only wish Armitage was playing Scarlet ;)