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Current Release
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Beginning anew

Today marks the real start of my next wip -- The Proper Response. I will not hear from my editors about A Question of Impropriety until the end of October and I do like to be a good way into my new wip before I hear. This allows me to have objectivity. It is just the way I work.
However, it does mean starting a new story and it is always for me like standing on the edge of a new Black run when one is skiing. You know you need to kick off and do a few turns, get your rhythm but still it is the tantalizing mystery. What lies ahead? So many routes down the mount to choose from. Should you go down the steepest bit, or the more gentle bit, knowing this whole slope is labelled expert for good reason and what looks easy and gentle is often not. Equally, if one chooses the wrong route, one will often have to make adjustments.
Then I think of a book I read years ago about skiing -- Skiing from the Head Down and realise that actually I just need to start and trust my instinct. The longer I linger on the edge, the more fearful I become. I may fall.I may have to retrace my steps.The bumps that look so large from up here are really steps to help me get down the slope. And best of all, because I have some idea of craft, I know I have the skills to get me out of difficulties. I have been down other black diamond slopes of novel writing and have successfully reached the lodge.
Anyway, I have to start today as this wip needs to be wrapped up by 20 December...


Kate Hardy said...

Good luck with the new book.

Agreed on not thinking, just do it. (This is why I am NOT thinking about Thursday, or I won't get a thing done. Deep breaths. Baby steps. Oh, am I glad that DH is driving me there.)

Ray-Anne said...

I love that metaphor - and yes, quite right.
Only good times ahead. :o)

Michelle Styles said...

Glad you like the metaphor. It helps me sometimes.
And there times when the only thing I can do is take off my skis and laborously climb back up and find a new path...