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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bits, pieces and ennegrams

First and foremost, Philippa Ashley has a very inspirational (and illicit) photo of a certain Richard Armitage. Hint he has his shirt off. It is worth taking a look.

Yesterday, I dragged out my book on ennegrams again. I wanted to make sure that I knew my main character better and understood why he had behaved in a certain fashion. He is a five with a six wing. Basically, he attempts to control his life by concentrating or focussing on certain technical projects and avoiding hurt that way. Fives will often know all there is to know about things in their chosen field but really very little about the things that they think they are not good at. In this case -- relationships. It explains why he basically ignores his son for example, preferring instead to spend time perfecting an engine. The description fits Simon, so I was pleased about that. Knowing what type he is means that I make sure that his growth arc follows a certain pattern. A five under stress behaves in a similair fashion to the domineering 8, so I should hopefully have no problem with making him alpha and keeping him true to his character type.

One of thegreat things about enneagrams is that they do allow me scope to expand my characters and to explore different types.

The heroine at the moment seems to be a 3 with a 2 wing. Charming, concerned about others and good a t social situations.

My author copies of A Christmas Wedding Wager arrived yesterday, just after I did a massive posting of review copies of Christmas by Candlelight. In the flesh as it were, ACWW is very Christmassy with a green back.

The ducklings are fine and the weather continues to be unseasonably warm. Grain, in particular wheat prices have been going up and so suddenly feed is much more expensive -- about 30% more expensive. There again, it has not gone up in price for years. I foresee more expensive food prices in the weeks and months to come. The harvest was not good in the UK due to the strange summer weather conditions.

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