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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


WIP: PBB word count = 11.75 k

Last night I had an email from Thorpe. They want to published The Marriage Inheritance in Large Print for their Linford Romance line. It is soft cover, but it will get it into the libraries both over here and in North America as well as the British Commonwealth. I am very pleased as it was by no means a done deal. Yes, I know they often take MWSC, but not every one. It is a flat rate payment, but Thorpe did for The Lady Soldier as well.

Halloween was pleasant. My dh came home bearing gifts as he had time to shop in London. He went to Winston Churchill's old time makers --Tunball and Asser and purchased a silk knit tie. It could have been worse. He also brought some lovely Turkish Delight. The children were all pleased, especially when informed that this is what Edmund had in the Lion, the Witch and the Warderobe when he met the White Witch for the first time. My main problem was how to eat it without creating a snowstrom of icing sugar. My method needs perfecting.

As it is the begining of a new month, I need to buckle down and write. The younger two are still off-- another teacher training day. The eldest made noises about doing PE. A note was promptly written. Uh not a bright idea to do any sort of sport with a broken bone.


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Great news!

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Great stuff! I shall get my library to order a copy. Now I just wish one of my MWSC would come out...