Sunday, November 13, 2005

A better writing week

This week's total of 6 k is much better than last week's total of 2.5 k. I also managed 25 pages. They are solid pages, I think, not junk or at least at the moment I don't believe they are junk (thisis always subject to change) I find the longer I write, the less I like simply writing anything to get words down on a page. At some point, the pursuit of words per diem can become junk words. What is the point of typing the aliens have landed? Aliens have no place in my mss and are more than likely to take my mss off in a place where I don't want to go, then I have to scramble back, slashing and burning as I go.
One innovation is that I have taken to wearing the silver heart Kate Walker gave me to celebrate becoming a Mills and Boon writer. By putting on the heart, it is a signal to me that I need to start writing with my heart and concentrating on my writing, not on the internet, a big time waster for me.
Thus far, it seems to be working. I feel that I am getting somewhere, rather than nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Great work on the pages! You're right about it not being worth it sometimes, to keep going when you're writing junk. That doesn't work for me, so I've stopped. I can see how it might work for some people, though.

Kate Allan said...

I really agree with you. Not interested in words for words sake. Having just spent about 4 hours writing and got about 300 words out of this. But they are good words, at the top end of what I'm capable of writing right now so I'm pleased.

Julie Cohen said...

Great work, Michelle! I think if you have a process that works for you, stick with it.