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Current Release
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas is a coming soon

This morning, the horrible realisation dawned. Christmas is fast approaching. I have to post packages to the US. I have purchase the dh's presents. He had made a helpful list. can I find that list? No. I am improvising.
Actually we have agreed on his main present, but it doesn't count as it is something he has to buy for himself -- ie an expensive watch. Last time I tried getting him a watch -- he did not like it. Since then, the watch issue has raised its head very few years...
Hopefully this will solve it. He is rapidly discovering just how expensive a watch can be. Most expensive discover thus far as one by IWC -- 133,000 pounds. Houses cost less than that. You'd have to have armed guards standing around you. I would be frightened to breathe. The only thing such a watch would be good for would be smuggling money out of the country. How many customs officials look at watches? Who would ever imagine a watch could cost that much money?
I believe he has lowered his sights considerably, and says that he is now looking at something we can actually afford without taking out a second mortgage.
On the writing front, I have made it to chapter five. My crows of doubt arealways circling. I went back and checked where ch 5 was in Gldiator's Honour and TSD (the one currently sitting on my editor's desk), both were in fairly dramatic places. I am hoping this one will be fine. It is slightly more domestic but still dramatic. Nevertheless, I manged my quota of words and the conflict seems to be simmering along nicely.


Kate Hardy said...

I need to know. HOW can you smuggle money in a watch?

Michelle, why must you give me lightbulbs like this when I have three other books to write first? :)

You can DEFINITELY get a house for less than the price of that watch! Glad your DH is setting his sights a little lower.

As for Christmas shopping... I'm just waiting for mine to be delivered. Then it's wrapping. Sigh. I should've paid for them all to be prewrapped...

Michelle Styles said...

Sorry, you are not smuggling money in the watch. You are buying the watch, wearing it and then selling it in the other place. Very few notice watches.
Same principle as jewels -- easily portable if you suddenly have to depart due to civil unreast. Land is not so easy to transport.

Kate (bimbo) Hardy said...

Aha - sorry, I was having a bimbo moment. I was thinking about good places to hide things... Absolutely right, jewellery is a great way of getting money out.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear the writing is coming along. I'm fortunate that my dh doesn't really care about expensive watches. :)

Donna Alward said...

I got dh a watch for our 10th anniversary last month - and paid about the equivalent of 50 pounds for it. It wasn't expensive but it was exactly what he likes and he wears a dress watch so rarely it was perfect (and under budget). I too have parcels to mail - four, I think at last count. And all my cards. Thankfully MOST of my shopping is DONE.

I am SO looking forward to reading your latest.....tell those crows of doubt to scram! (Just don't send them my way, I have enough doubt for the both of us!LOL).