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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Vet Emergency

WIP + Who are you kidding

This morning I stumbled downstairs to discover the Border Collie was not well. Blood in his stools. Cue panic trip to vet. The vet who is wonderful has decided that it is a mild infection and the Border Collie is on sensitive food for awhile.Fingers crossed that this is the end of the matter. His lacerated paw from last week however has nicely healed.

While I was there, I got to peek at the kittens again. When the BC first cut his paw, seven one week old kittens were brought in. A car had run over the mother. They were a mess. One of the vet nurses is being a foster mother. The kittens have really improved and are no longer squeaking so loudly. Instead of being drowned rats, they are flufy balls of fur with their eyes open. However, we don't need a kitten. My two cats would get in a huff.

At the moment, I just want everything to settled down. The youngest's blcoked slavia gland is getting better. My eldest is coming to terms with his broken arm. The novelty has worn off, but the pain still appears and he is facing up to having a cast on for another month.

I just want to get through a week with no upset now. A small goal.

I did enjoy ROME last night. It was very authentic. I was glad to see the colours and the diversity. The plot at times left something to be desired. BUT hopefully it will get a few more people interested in the period. I was a bit disapointed as the BBC have decided to combine the first three episodes into two and so things felt a bit choppy. Then of course the dh switching channels to get the Man UTd score did not help either.


Donna Alward said...

Hugs to you Michelle because I hate it when I want to get stuff done and life simply gets in the way! Here's to the restoration of peace and order. (And if you find some, send it my way, OK?)

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, sorry that you're having such a worrying time at the mo. Hope things calm down asap and BC gets better quickly.