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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, October 31, 2005


WIP: PBB 10.5k -- not bad, could be better.
Goal for next month: 60k = 2k per day. Verdict tough but should be able to manage it.

There is a loud cat fight going on somewhere out beyond the garden. Sounds like banshees wailing. My youngest is making noises about going up to the old cemetry, the one by Haydon Old Church where they dug up the crusader's sword. We took my cousin up one All Saint's Day and there were strange holes near the oldest graves. The graveyard was also hung in mist while the yew tree creeked. Not exactly the sort of place I want to visit on Halloween.

When my cousin visited several years ago, we also went to see Long Meg and Her daughters, a stone circle near Penrith. There, on AllSouls Day, a woman was walking around the stones, talking to each one. She looked normal enough, the sort of woman if you saw her in a high street, you wouldn't llok twice at but here she was talking and whispering to the stones. I have no idea if the stones spoke back. Long Meg and her daughters is great because it is relatively undisturbed, you can see how the landscape must have looked for hundreds of years.

The children have all carved pumpkins. My eldest tried but was excused on grounds of having only one arm. There is a fire in the grate. We are having sauages and colcannon for supper. My dh and I will have a glass of malt whiskey afterwards.
When I first came to this land, nobody clebrated Halloween. I was thought odd because I dressed my children up in costumes and carved pumpkins. They used to carve turnips instead.
GuyFawkes was much bigger, and people would go around collecting for the Guy. It is 400 years ago on 5November that the Gunpowder plot happened.

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