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Current Release
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

goals and beginnings

Hmm I had a look at the M&B websaite where they list the current books and now the books for November. Suddenly I developed coldfeet. I didn't want to read any. I mean Ido want to read some -- Kate Bridges for one has a book out with an October release as does Louise Allen. But equally I know I shan't be able to read them, not until I get this book started and under way. It is one of those signs that a book is hatching. I don't want to read other people's work. So I shall buy the aforementioned books and wait until the mood strikes -- generally about the time I have to write a dss. But it is the fact that I feel this way that is a good sign. A sort of that may be out there now, but look at what I can do mentality.
My goal is to have the first draft completed by Christmas. Which is disgustingly close. As in 11 weeks away. To write 75/80 k in that time, I need to progress at about 8k per week. 8,000 is 32 pages per week or really 5 pages per day every day. This is doable as long as I don't play around on the internet too much. But it is solid pages, not junk pages written and then discarded because they don't really work and they would be rather silly anyway.
I have vague ideas of where I am going with this book, and now even a working title of The Unexpected Wife. I am absolutely no good with titles. If I get the first draft done by Christmas, then I should be able to get the polished book finished by my birthday. But the time of delivery will depend on what my editor thinks of the current work. But I need to have my goals. I also have to have another hero to fall in love with.It makes the waiting much easier.
I should have the basic synopsis done by the end of the week. However, my basic synopsis always changes.
I sort of know the ending to this one I think or at least where they will be. It is good to start getting images. Some people write to films. It is never like that with me. I get aseries of stills in my brain. If I am doing it correctly, the still come more sharply into focus and I can then see the next one beyond that as well as probably the last one. At the moment, I am sure of the sandals and sex bit. It is just the swords that is giving me problems but undoubtably I think up a decent subplot.
In the meantime, I suppose there is always my eldest's dragon to work on. I blithely promised him this three years ago without realizing the complexity of the cross stitch. He brings it up every so often. It sits in a corner and glowers at me.

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Michelle said...

Will it be another Roman story or another era? Have fun with the new book!