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Current Release
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Procrastination and me

Yesterday was a wash out. The lab had to go the vet's. My dh was home and muttering about the autumn clean up of the garden and to top it all off my eldest arrived back from school with a broken arm. He had tripped over, picked himself up, walked home, and announced as he came through the door -- Mommy I think I have done something to my elbow. The boy was grey. Two hours in A&E and the x-rays show a clean break of the radius. My son is a trooper.
My dh has taken him into Newcastle to the Fracture clinic to get it properly set. The local hospital has not had a children's ward since 1990.
This morning I went to see the doctor and had it confirmed. I will have to have a cataract operation. My family has a history of early onset of cataracts. I have known this was coming since I was 10, but had entertained hopes. Fingers crossed it will all be done by Christmas, hence the reason for feeling like I am procrastinating with the wip. I wanted it significantly done and dusted before the operation, so that it can rest and then be edited once the Eye police allow me to. I do understand it is a life enhancing operation. Colours suddenly return. You can suddenly read small print again. And see dust (this is not what I am looking forward to)
So that is the reason why I feel suddenly driven. I also want to be deep in the next mss when my editor gets back to me.

Julie Cohen is doing a series of great blogs about internal/external conflict. Is writing about craft procrastinating or not?


Kate Walker said...

Awful warning, Michelle -
You not only see dust, you see spiders' webs - and spiders - where there weren't any before.
You also suddenly look in the mirror and see this person with far more lines and far worse skin than that nice, younger looking lady you used to see in the mirror every morning. It's a shock.

But being able to read is a real benefit!


Donna Alward said...

You'll be glad to have it done, trust me.

I am looking forward to Julie's blogs and your input.

Stacy Dawn said...

Here's hoping to a quick recovery for you!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, you're really in the wars at the moment! Hugs.

And thinking about craft isn't procrastination. It's limbering up.

Thinking of you.

Nell Dixon said...

Big hugs for you and your poor son!