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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Starting over

I realized yesterday that my wip was not working. This is not good when I have barely started. It was very much and so what? What happens next? Where is the conflict that will sustain these people through 80 k and give a satisfactory ending.?There has to be more here. There is a potential for dating scenes rather than true emotional scenes. This couple want to be together too much. The whys are missing. The overarcing story line is missing. In fact, it was simply a premise that might work, but would work better if done a different way.
I also had my muse whispering to me about a new story, one that has similarities but has a better plot. I blame Kate Walker for this. My muse kept whispering but if you do this way, it will be much better because... the conflict will be much more sustainable. And it is much more interesting and then you are creating a different hero, someone that is not too close to your last hero. Even though he is STILL going to be based on James Purefoy. And I get to describe a proper Roman wedding which shall be fun. This is something I have wanted to do for ages. And in a way it is telling half of the story I wanted to tell. I think I may have been trying to combine too many things.
But it does mean taking the time to sketch out what is happening and where the plot is going.
I need to get productive, but at least I no longer have the excuses of the NWS manuscript reading or the RNA worshop. It is 11 weeks until Christmas and I want this baby written.


Kate Walker said...

I'm not taking the blame for this one! You've known me - and my dictates on 'The question WHY' for long enough to realise it was just your Muse asking Why this? and why that? that drove you to a rethink. Plus a set of characters who want their story written.

I think every writer has a set of novel beginnings that go nowhere - thinking of the beginning is the easy part - it's that susatained storyline with conflict that is the really tricky bit.

But as you were so wonderfully complimentary about me and the talk at the workshop I'll let you off. Still not taking the blame
:-) but I'll acknowledge that what i said might have made you think in a different direction. I hope it results in a really great book.

It was wonderful to see you at the Newcastle workshop and I had a great time - the organisation was superb - Congratulations to you and Anna

Kate Walker

Michelle Styles said...

Credit then. gg

Personally I think it is going to be great. Much depth, much higher stakes, a much more Alpha hero.
And yes it was the question -- why and why should this matter to him/ And to her? thatwas driving me me mad.
Then my heor basically said -- I'm alpha.You ask me why and I tell you. Further more I am NOT a Roman tribune, so get that idea clean out of your head. I am a merchant trader. It is going to work because he has his reasons. And she has hers and money doesn't come into it but honour does.

Donna Alward said...

Michelle, you know as well as I that when your muse asks WHY, others will follow. What'll happen is you'll go in the direction that works first, then perhaps out of the blue, that first idea will germinate into another book. :-)

THinking of the beginning is the easy part, Kate? I totally agree! There have been several times I've reached the end of the partial to then go, Now what? LOL