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Current Release
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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Busy Times

Yesterday was an extraordinary day. The Day of the Workshop but also the day my author copies for my contemporary novella The Marriage Inheritance arrived in the post from DC Thomson. It is number 1494 and I presume out now in Asda and selected WHS. The nicest part was seeing the by Michelle Styles on the front. There is a heart after my name which Margaret Carr assures is A Good Sign and not everyone gets a heart. She had to waitseveral novellas for a heart.
The assuming thing is the couple on the cover look nothing like my hero and heroine. But it is MY words inside. The blurb reads -- When a business arrangement sees Caroline Adams involved with brooding landowner Rafe Worthington, it takes all her effort not to fal lin love.
I didn't think Rafe was brooding, but there you go. It is good that it is in print. It is a story that will remain close to my heart because the first draft of this was the first manuscript I finished when I decided to start being serious about my writing. It went through several subsequent drafts, but the essence of the story remained.
I now have to discover who I send it off to, to see if I can get TMI into Large Print as it might help contribute to my PLR.
Whatever happens this is the story that turned me from potential to published. Sometimes dreams do come true.

The workshop was wonderful. I was so pleased with the speakers. As they were all people I had wanted to hear, I assumed that others would as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was lovely to finally meet people in the flesh as it were. Anna Lucia is truly a genius at logistics. She was the heart and soul of the workshops. The wind beneath the workshop's wings.
I also had the great pleasure of hosting Eileen Ramsay for the night before the conference. I adore Eileen's writing, and her story of perservance in the face of the strong opposition has comforted me through rejections. If ever you get a chance to hear Eileen speak, do so. Also try to get her to talk about her other passion -- opera. A totally enthralling evening where I stayed up much too late.
I finally found out what the fuss was about Kate Walker's picture of Hugh Jackman. A very nice picture. I also loved her Snoopy pictures. She also repeated the words that kept me on track when I first started being serious about my writing. They want to buy unique voices, not people who write like somebody else.
Hilary Johnson spoke after lunch. She is a very talented speaker (and poet). She gave tremendous insight into the process of how someone goes about lifting their game as it were.
Wendy Robertson who writes for Headline rounded out the day. Again she was an enthralling speaker. She touched on many subjects, including the importance of archetypes and the importance of self-belief.
By the end I was slightly brain dead. Kate had given me two Anne McAllisters early in the day and Eileen a bottle of wine. Two perfect ingredients for spending a relaxing Saturday night unwinding.
Kate Walker also presented me with an abolsutely lovely heart locket for becoming a M&B author. It was all I could to keep from crying. The gift was absolutely perfect, but the it was who did the giving that made it so special. Kate always says -- write from the heart -- and now I have my heart to remind me and to keep the crows of doubt away!. She has been such a mentor to me, even when she did not know it. I plan to wear my heart with pride!!


Kate Hardy said...

So glad the workshop went well, because you put a LOT of effort into organising it.

Sounds as if you had the perfect writers' weekend. Much deserved. Enjoy the feeling and remember it next time the crows of doubt start pecking round.

PS on the LP side, I can't remember if they approach you or you approach them. Mine went via Thorpe. (And that's where you'll get your PLR so make sure you register it the day it comes out!)

Nell Dixon said...

I'm so glad everything went well - I just wish I could have been there. Let me know about the largeprint. Betty O'Roarke told me she sent a printed copy and a covering letter to them.

Julie said...

I knew it would be a roaring success, but it's great to hear the details. Congratulations and well done.

So proud of you! And I'll look out for TMI in Smith's!

Kate Allan said...

Yay on having The Marriage Inheritance published! Have some champagne, and post a picture because I would love to see it. I shall go and look for it in WH Smiths this week anyway but...

Sue Child said...

So glad that all yours and Anna's hard work paid off and the workshop went well. Still wish I could have been there.

I'll look for The Marriage Inheritance in WH Smith this week too.


Anna Lucia said...

As usual, Michelle is playing down her involvement! Stop it! The workshop was a true joint venture, and even WE couldn't have done it without the support of the committee, speakers and fellow chapter members.

Thank you, Michelle for the compliments, and for the hard work!