Saturday, June 28, 2008

An updated cluster map

My cluster map has been archived. Once a year it is archived and then I start collecting dots again, but they do keep a running total from the beginning. The old map is still there for the moment. It has nearly 67,000 dots on it which is amazing. I wonder how many I will get this year... Hopefully my visitors have enjoyed my blog or found what they were looking for.

I find the whole exercise interesting. Once the cluster maps alerted me to the fact that I had a Spanish release, so I do think they are worthwhile. Because of the way Harlequin works, it is rare for authors to know in advance that there are books are coming out in a particular language/market that is not their home market. It is just the way the system is set up. Sometimes, I do not know for months afterward and then my copies arrive. It is one of the reasons that on the first of every month, I do check various Harlequin websites -- to see what is happening.

Generally I suspect though my editors would prefer it if I just concentrated on writing the next novel. I am doing this. It will be good, but at the start sometimes, it takes awhile. Julie Cohen has been having this problem as well and is detailing it on her blog and how the use of images and metaphor help to define the character.
The one point I would make is that you do not have to get the metaphor right the first time. Many things in writing are backwards logic -- you get insight and layer it in. Editing however, is frontwards logic as it needs to make sense to the reader.

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