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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes a story is out there waiting

I am about to start my next HMB Historical. Now my editor and I have spoken about it. We have agreed that it is to be a governess in the early Victorian era. governess heroines are popular heroines for HMB. Actually they have been a popular for novelists going back to Brontes. Jane Eyre is an absolute classic and one of my favourite books. It has been ever since I discovered it at my great aunt's house and spent way too long into the night reading it.

I also used to be a big fan of the gothics -- Victoria Holt in particular delved into this genre.

But for a number of reasons, including my just accepted book, I did not want to go down the gothic route. I had thought of different scenarios. What could I do? And more importantly did I want to do it?

One of the research books that I purchased yesterday -- The Victorian Governess by Kathryn Hughes -- has provided a clue. Suddenly the whole story is unfolding in my mind and it is not going to be a gothic. Actually, the Victorian Governess has sparked several ideas, and I may have to figure out a way to write them all, but I am going with the one I am most excited about.

The other research book I bought -- Other People's Daughters --The Life and Times of the Governess by Ruth Brandon also looks good. I adore the cover, btw. And the combo of the two have sent my brain whirling.

Anyway, I am taking Anne McAllister's advice and starting this story. The other story -- well that couple will have to remain stuck in the at home for awhile longer.


carolwarham said...

sounds fascinating, looking forward to hearing more about it.

Anne McAllister said...

Best of luck on your book, Michelle. I love the looks of the two reference works you cited. I can see I'll have to check them out, even if I never write an historical. They will enrich my understanding of peoples' live -- including my g-grandmother's as she worked in a "big house" sometimes as a nursery maid (nothing so exalted as 'governess.')

Have fun with your book. I look forward to reading more about it.