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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On being slightly stuck

Anne McAllister has an excellent blog over on the Pink Heart Society today. It is all about being stuck and why, and sometimes writing another book while letting the characters stew.
urrently there is something wrong with the book I am trying to write. I keep finding excuses why I shouldn't be writing it. I suspect it might be because I am trying to do too many things with it. Or that I loast my orginal synopsis and am not quite sure what I want. Or that I can't really think of structure that works for this couple. Or whatever, but it is not ready. The heroine does not really want to talk to me. I know bits and bobs. But it is not there. Perhaps, I should write the other story that I have promised my editor for the end of September. That one I know about. I suspect I will write that synopsis today.

Or maybe, if I start, my current characters will start screaming at me. That can happen as well. But my muse has gone on holiday for awhile.

In other news: we have a box of blue tits that are fledging today. I am hopeful of getting a few more pictures before I put them on the blog. They are very cute and fluffy at the moment. The downside is that the nest is directly on the path to the car and so we are having to park, and then walk up the road a bit.

The petrol station was crowded today. The strike is supposed to go ahead this weekend, and I reckon people are starting to fill up. I was nearly out and so had to. The price of diesel is eye watering. Apparently Tynedale has some of the most expensive petrol in England.


CherylStJohn said...

I'm speechless at blue tits. What happens when a pervert googles this word? I am working hard to picture some sort of little birdies?

The price of gas is astronomical in the US too. Driveaways at the pumps are numerous - most stations require to pay first.

I'm voiding my story too. You mean, you LOST lost your synopsis?

CherylStJohn said...

Woops, that should have been AVOIDING. LOL

The word verification scramble takes me longer than a post!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about your WIP, Michelle. I thought of a way to amp up some tension between my h/H, but now I have to actually execute the plan. That's coming harder. I had to remove several large scenes in order to rewrite them. The fact that I'm a non-linear writer adds to the fun!

Here's hoping that you find the missing synopsis.

Unfortunately the driveaways are a sign of the times. People are getting desperate.

I'm not touching the 'blue tits'!