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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Neil Diamond and inspiration

Neil Diamond has been touring the UK as well as appearing on television over here. I managed to catch his Audience with Neil Diamond on ITV 1. As well as his fantastic songs (and I had forgotten how much I like them), he answered a few questions.
I will admit to not knowing that much about the man. Neil Diamond is his real name, for example. But what interested me most was his take on song writing. He spoke to Tim Rice about it, and I think his words could be applied to most writing. He was asked if it had become more difficult and replied as time went on, he had become technically more proficient, but you should never underestimate the passion one has when one first begins to write. In other words, he spoke about writing from the heart.
Without passion, it does not matter how technically perfect or clever you are, you will lack something. With passion, you can speak to lots of people, even if you might make a few mistakes.
My dh was then very kind and went out and bought the Best of Neil Diamond for me. Oh the childhood memories! And he is as good as I remembered.
Anyway, it took him five long years of trying to be a songwriter before he became a hit. Those years have held him in good stead. He learnt his craft and his trade, but he never lost his passion for song writing.
It is easy to see only the hits and not the strength that lies behind.
In other words, he has desire, determination, dedication, discipline and perseverance.
Oh and he has a new album out which sounds very good. Particularly Pretty Amazing Grace.


CherylStJohn said...

I loved it when he was the mentor on American Idol! Awesome song writer and legendary performer.

Natalie Anderson said...

I love Neil - went to see him a couple of years ago when he toured NZ -the man is a consummate professional. Neither my hubby and i were born when he was having hits but we grew up to his music! I almost always ALWAYS write to his album - one of his many best of compilations - it is like my 'white noise' (no offence Neil) - I just love it! ;) I might try others but I always return to Neil - over and over. Esp 'Stones' and 'Cante Libre' and 'The Grass won't pay no mind' - perfect for my quiet scenes...

J.R. said...

You're so right - his 70's music is just so inspirational. I painted with his music for years.
In introducing Neil's new music to my collection, I find listening alone in a quiet place allows the music to be 'heard'...