Current Release

Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I pressed the button and sent my latest to my editor. I had an email back to say that it had been received. Hooray!
Eventually my editor will get back to me with her thoughts on what does not work and where things could be strengthened.
India Grey left a comment on my blog and the penny dropped what a great metaphor black ice is for when I get the thoughts back from my editor.
Black ice is a good metaphor for the problems that she may discover. I am far too close. I can't see the ice. My editor can see it. Luckily, once it is pointed out, I am allowed to decide on what I am going to do -- around it, build a bridge over, try a different route, or spread some grit and get a lot more traction. But whatever I do, I have to make it my own.
My dh obviously thinks that I plan to spend time cleaning the house...ummm there are reasons why I write. I have also have a pile of Rita books to judge and my TBR is still there.
But I am glad to be onto the next stage with this book.


Kate Hardy said...

Yay for you!

Donna Alward said...

Does it ever strike you how very eerily similar our lives are?

1. Finish book
2. Revisions
3. Clean house *shudder*
4. Rita reading

I know you don't have your revisions yet, but still...

India said...

I liked your black ice metaphor a lot, and having hit so much of it, and hit it so hard, with this last book I'm hoping to be able to avoid it next time... (But of course, that's the thing with black ice. You don't see it coming!!)

So pleased that you've reached the end-- congratulations! And there's something reasonably satisfying about cleaning the house when it's *really* squalid, I find!