Saturday, January 19, 2008

Confessions of a terrible typist

I type too fast and not very well. I could blame the keyboard which is full of crumbs and dirt. Or it could be wearing out. I have heard of such things happening. Sometimes my keys even stick, or the space bar doesn't work when I think it has. But really it is all down to my terrible typing.

When I reread what I have typed, I see the words I think I have typed. Sometimes they are not there. Sometimes they are misspelled. But do I see them? NO! I go blithely through life thinking everything is fine, UNTIL that great moment and I reread and squirm. How could I have been that blind? How could I have done that? I know how to spell the or what.

I can see them (sometimes) if I go to another medium -- ie hard copy.
I can see them (often) when I read the work out loud. This is I do not do enough. I need to.

My old editor (aka the one who just left) pointed this out to me, gently. AFTER the fact. I have apologised. I do not like giving editors extra work. It is not their job. It means they have to spend a longer time on my manuscript. (Luckily occasionally I do write a good story.)
My new editor (aka my first editor) will not put up with it. She will point it out during revisions. I need to make sure that piles of wool do not turn into peas. I need to make sure the motivation is on the page instead of in my head. I dislike giving her more work. Honestly I do.
BUT mainly I need to make sure that I turn in clean copy with a Good Story.
I am a terrible typist but there are ways in which I can improve. I will try. Truly.
The wip is in its final stages and these things become important.


Donna Alward said...

It is not as bad as you say, honest! (says she of the backspace). And that's what CP's are for. :-) Plus we get sneak peeks. It really is a perk. :-)

Nell Dixon said...

I miss words out and only last week I found I'd put - he strolled along the bath.

Unknown said...

I am soooooooooooo there. My mind flies ahead of fingers all the time plus I'm dyslexic to boot!

Ray-Anne said...

I can SO relate to that. One of my objectives for 2008 is to take the time to practice using the Touch Typing DVD I bought years ago!
Interesting insight into editorial aspects, though. Thank you for that.

Carol Townend said...

Hi Michelle,
Did you know that the creative part of the mind can't spell?! It doesn't care about grammar either, which might explain a lot about first drafts. The more creative you are being, and the more inside your dreamworld, the more typos will appear. It is a GOOD sign. That is my excuse, anyhow!
Best wishes