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Current Release
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some News

I found yesterday that my ninth book --A Question of Impropriety has been accepted. It is my first proper Regency.
Okay so it is set in the North East of England and has more to do with steam engines than the Ton. But it is still a Regency and I get to keep my title.
I was so surprised and pleased about keeping my title.

It is the story of Diana Clare who fled back to Northumberland after her fiance was killed in an infamous duel and Brett Farnham, the Earl of Coltonby, who is a notorious prince of rakes and who has won the neighbouring estate in a horse race.

It will be out in November 08 in the UK, US date tbd.


Ray-Anne said...

Fantastic! You must be thrilled.

For those of us who are working without a contract, it is lovely to know that the magic of having your work accepted does not diminish - even at book nine!

Nell said...

Sounds fabulous! and congratulations on book number nine!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Excellent news, and what a great title too. Well done, you.