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Current Release
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bordering on the kewl

I happened to be looking through the RWA Market Update, mainly to see if the news of my old editor's move from acquisitions had been announced yet. It hasn't. But as I was scrolling down, I happen to see Black Lyon Publishing and their new line caught my eye -- Ancient Time Romance. It is dedicated to historical romance set before 1000 AD. Black Lyon is an e-publisher and as such does not pay an advance. It also means that it is small press, possibly micro. But it is non-vanity/non-subsidy.
What was interesting to me was that they were starting this line.
Several years I was told by many people that hand on heart, ancient romance would NEVER ever sell. Luckily I did not listen and neither did Harlequin Mills and Boon. The senior editor of Historicals always knew she wanted to publish strong manuscripts set in the time period. Just as she wants to publish strong manuscripts set in the early 20th century (cue Elizatbeth Lane's On the Wings of Love and Nicola Cornick's Edwardian -- The Last Rake in London)
From the RWR, I saw that Dorchester was also publishing something -- Romano British, I believe.
So it is sort of kewl to be at the forefront of a trend. To be able to think -- ah, but I told you so. People do want to read it.
I am currently suffering from this cold. And my wip is coming along. I have discovered one or two spots where I went wrong, but it is far better for me to discover it. My lovely editor would have questioned it in any case. She is like that...

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