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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Black Ice

Even after all these years of living in Northumberland, I remain a wimp. There is black ice out on the bank today as a result of wet snow that fell yesterday and froze. I decided not to drive.
Having had my youngest's bus stuck in a snow bank on the way home (he takes the bus home from school but it leaves far too early in the morning), I suspect the bus driver will not be driving either. My youngest finally arrived home an hour late, having used the driver's mobile phone to let me know what was happening. I think he found it slightly exciting at first and then rather cold.
I currently working on finishing the wip. This means putting the edits on the computer AND actually reading and rechecking for missing words, missing endings etc. I can no longer simply assume. I also keep asking questions. The best one thus far is what does the character feel about so and so -- beginning, middle and end. Also has each scene moved the story forward, does it need to be there. Is there any way that I can make this stronger. I am grateful for my extended deadline because I am taking the time to look at things. That way hopefully I will avoid the Black Ice in my ms -- you know those things that trip you up and you didn't see it coming.


India said...

I think sometimes it's only once you've come off the road and are lying in the ditch that you realise there was black ice there at all...

The main thing is that you get up and go back and avoid it next time round. (Unfortunately it does make the journey slow and tiring though!)

Hope you're all staying warm and safe.

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on the ice. You know my feelings about driving in the s-word (when it's melted and compacted and refrozen and I end up fishtailing all the way down the hill and scaring the kids and scaring myself...)

Nell said...

I hate driving in ice. Hugs.

liz fenwick said...

Grew up dealing with ice and black ice - dangerous.

Thanks for the timely reminder about does the scene move the sotry forward as I am doing a major revision at the moment and its easy to lose the plot so to speak when you are looking for lost words etc. Thanks :-)

Michelle Styles said...

India --

I think you came up with a great metaphor for writing. I am going to steal it...

The ice has gone, so driving is safe (or as safe as it can be)

Liz -- I am pleased that I spent a little extra time rereading and thinking about repeating, and those pesky missing words. Good luck with your revisions.