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Current Release
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Friday, September 28, 2007

Finished and off to my editor

My current work in progress, entitled in my contract Regency Duet 1 has been delivered to my editors! Hooray! Hooray! I know it will be a really strong read once they have let me know their thoughts.

Now a scarred Richard Armitage/John Thornton type gets to be my next hero and I am seriously looking forward to it.

I listened to the BBC Radio 4 programme on M&B yesterday. A number of other bloggers including Trish Wylie, Kate Walker, Natasha Oakley and Teach Me Tonight have already commented on it. They basically gave a fair assessement.

I do think Joanne Carr's comment to the presenter as she was critquing the offering was really apt -- you did not pay very much attention to what we were saying in the workshop.

Sometimes, people are so blinded by their agendas that they don't pay much attention to what other people are saying. That was the big failing of the programme.

I do thank God that we are no longer considered to be authoresses but as writers or authors. An authoress sounds like someone who dines on ortolan and drinks pink champagne before writing purple prose with a pink quill. Authoress does found quite frankly patronizing. It belongs to another era.

And one of the other problems with the programme is that it attempted to do too much. Was it a history of M&B or was it an attempt to look at M&B today? If it was a history, why not mention Ida Cook, the M&B author who quite famously used the proceeds of her writing to save Jews from Nazi Germany?

I rather thought the How to book from the 1960s was a relic of the past. And issues and themes that are vexxing authors today are not the same ones that inspired authors in the past.

Right, my house is a tip. There is a ton of admin to catch up on and I have another book due before Christmas.


Carrie Lofty said...

It's a good day when random photos of Richard Armitage show up in my bloglines. Thx :)

Jen Black said...

You should read the burb on Mary Evans, part of the the Kent university website. She even - horror of horrors - ends a sentence with a preposition!
Perhaps she ought to read a well-written M&B or two!

Michelle Styles said...

Carrie --
I know what you mean Richard armitage pics do brighten one's day. He is the model for my next hero...

Many thanks Jen. It is always useful to know about academics' backgrounds as then you can which axes they are grinding...