Thursday, September 06, 2007

Awkward Annie -- Kate Rusby

Yesterday, I got my hands on Kate Rusby's new album -- Awkward Annie. It is truly vintage of Kate Rusby, even though she apparently went through great heart ache when recording the album. Her voice is as fine as ever. The album just is.

My entire family have been fans of Kate since she appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1999. She was one of the highlights of the festival. I prefer her rendition of My Town to Iris DeMent's, but it is one one those songs which haunts as does Wild Geese. We were then lucky enough to see her at Cambridge several times as well as when she came up to Hexham. She is one of those singers that if you ever find out she is coming to a venue near -- go and get tickets. They are sure to sell out and she is fantastic live.

At the moment, I have two favourite songs on the new album -- Blooming Heather which is a wonderful ballad and the bonus track -- the Village Preservation Society which is just fun and appeals to my sense of quirkiness. My youngest kept singing snippets of the VPS in the car this morning. It was recorded for a BBC programme on the WI -- he liked the bot about Desperate Dan as well as custard pudding.

Anyway, a new Kate Rusby cd is always cause for celebration. And if you have not heard her before, give her a go -- she has a wonderful voice and is a wonderful exponent of British folk.


Kate Hardy said...

Ooh... I think I'm going to have to buy this. I spied it in Mojo (the issue prompted a seriously bad spree on Amazon the following day) but... nope, I need more music. Thanks for the recommendation.

Michelle Styles said...

It is a good album.

And given the times I have had to buy cds because of YOUR reviews, I do not feel bad at all *g*