Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bits of news

Unusual Historicals has had a revamp. Carrie Lofty has done a fantastic job and keeps various authors in line. Anyway, lots of things are planned and November in particular is going to be a giveaway bonanza. So if you enjoy unusual settings and time periods in your historicals, do stop by.

For my part this week sped much quicker than anticipated and my wip is not yet finished. It will get there.
Luckily my lovely editors were lovely about it and said that I was not to kill myself and to get it in by the actual deadline, rather than my planned smug deadline of next Thursday evening. Next Friday is the annual Association of Mills and Boon Author day (pictures and full account will be here) and I wanted to be secure in the knowledge that I had turned it in, but my editors would not have had time to read it. I suspect I will be working on it on the train. I am very much looking forward to the day -- it is one of those days that I feel like I am really a Romance author.
I have found out that Taming the Debutante (the title will be changed) is tentatively scheduled for August 08. This is a linked story to A Christmas Wedding Wager and was written because my daughter begged and pleaded for Lottie Charlton to have her own story. The problem with having a daughter who reads romance and who likes your stories is that she knows all the right ways to ask...She also has kept on and on at me about the third Viking. I have another Regency to write before then. You may talk about whip cracking editors all you like, whip cracking daughters take the whole thing to another level.


Kate Hardy said...

Mine's too young to read romance - and I rather think she'll be writing her own anyway :o)

Glad you're being sensible about the deadline. (Ducking now.)

And I will have my new camera with me on Friday...

Michelle Styles said...

Oh my daughter is writing her own romance. I came across her typing away on the laptop. But this does not stop her
a) stealing any romance book that enters the house. This started when she was 12.
b) badgering me for more of her favourites -- at the moment Julia Quinn
c) spending time reading the websites of her favourites (see above) She particularly likes epilogues on websites.
d) discussing with me why certain romances do and do not work, and what I should be doing next and which characters she likes in my books...she also thinks I should right epilogues and have them on my website.

Donna Alward said...

Your daughter has great taste. I'm going to have to start sending her her own copy. :-)

And she sounds very much like her mother. :-)