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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christmas by candlelight -- cover

This is the UK cover for A Christmas Wedding Wager. It is being sold as part of a Christmas duo. Helen Dickson's Wicked Pleasures is the other half.
Anyway, it is another cover that I think would make a wonderful Christmas card.
There is a scene with a German Christmas tree in my book, so the cover sort of fits, and I suspect there will be a German Christmas Tree scene in Helen's as well. But it does give a very Victorian Christmas feel to the proceedings.
In other news, my copy edits have arrived for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife. I have 14 days to do them, but need to concentrate -- so it will be doing my edits for QI on the train down and back. Basically 6 hours of uninterupted time. Then the copy edits. Then getting the final edits QI done etc. Sometimes, one is very busy as an author.


suefromdevon said...

Beautiful cover, Michelle!

Marty said...

That is gorgeous...nothing wrong with using it for your holiday card :)

Kate Hardy said...

I have major cover envy. It's beautiful!

Nell said...

I love Christmas books as they always have such beautiful covers and that one is gorgeous.

Diane Craver said...

I love this cover, Michelle! And I hope you sell lots of books. I love Christmas stories.

I know what you mean about being busy - I never realized how much there's to do until I got published. But it's worth it!